Weekly USAJobs highlights for humanities and social science PhDs

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn’t anyone find this information?

Yup! This isn’t an e-mail list for sharing secret wisdom. It’s for saving time.

I found a job you didn’t list.

Awesome! I couldn’t possibly find every relevant job. You can leave it as a comment, or tell me about it in a reply e-mail (replies come to me like normal e-mails). If the deadline is after the next post, I’ll include it there and thank you in the write-up.

Who can apply for these jobs?

All the jobs I share are open to the public, which means, “U.S. citizens, nationals, or those who allegiance to the U.S." However, some jobs may only be open to U.S. citizens. You should check the posting for this information - it should be very clear.

Why not STEM fields?

I don’t have expertise in STEM fields. Also, the federal government is pretty explicit about wanting to hire people with STEM training: check the “explore opportunities” tab on the USAJobs landing page to see what I mean.

Also, if you are an engineer looking for a job as an engineer, you can probably set up your own e-mail alert. Same goes for economists, microbiologists, and psychiatrists.

Is the list always going to be free?

The weekly USAJobs highlights will always be free. Extra Cheese will stay free so long as I can rustle up sponsorships!

I am a career coach/academic editor/writing coach and I would like to sponsor a post.

That sounds great! E-mail me: andgovcheese@substack.com

I have an idea about how to improve the newsletter.

Please let me know about it! If implemented, I will happily give you credit for the improvement.

How do I translate my academic experience/CV to a federal posting/USAJobs resumé?

This is a good question, but anything answering it would come in under the “extra cheese” category and I’m not set up for it right now. The best advice I have is to make sure your resumé shows you’ve fulfilled the qualifications and supports your answers to the questionnaire.