Jobs for humanists 7/16

Just a handful of posts this week

Welcome back to Wine and Government Cheese! We’ve got a few long-term postings this week . . . and not much else.

Foreign Affairs Officer • Office of the Legal Advisor, Office of Treaty Affairs • July 23, 2021

This position is located within the Office of the Legal Adviser, Office of Treaty Affairs (L/T). The Office is responsible for drafting, negotiating, and interpreting treaties and international agreements; serving as the depositary for certain multilateral treaties and international agreements.. The Foreign Affairs Officer will serve as a Treaty Analyst and will perform a wide range of duties involved in carrying out the responsibilities of the Office of Treaty Affairs.

So, you’ve probably got the hang of the qualifications for these FAO postings by now. You’ll need to demonstrate one year of experience:

  • Experience advising others on the application of rules or procedures; and

  • Experience drafting formal correspondence, public statements, reports or other similar documents on behalf of a governmental body or other organization; and

  • Experience researching organizational practices and precedents in order to provide guidance

They would also like you to show:

Knowledge of the realm of foreign policy / international affairs.

Ability to establish liaison with officials throughout the foreign affairs community and the U.S. Congress.

Ability to analyze and evaluate information derived from a variety of sources.

Knowledge of reviewing and/or preparing various legal documents and forms.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Here are the questions. Read the whole posting.

Managing Editor (Printed Media) • National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian) • July 27, 2012

There are definitely people on this list who should apply to this posting.


Incumbent works with designers and editors to establish schedules and budgets, guiding the production of publications through: establishment of a production schedule and budget; management of the bidding process to select printers and other vendors; coordination of delivery and distribution of printed materials.

Incumbent provides content and copy editing and proof-reading for all manuscripts, from books, exhibition scripts, catalogues to ephemera—e.g., invitations, brochures, and calendars.

Assists the Publications Manager in preparing and monitoring the department budget for both federal and trust funds.

Incumbent works with Publications Manager in establishing and monitoring contracts with editors, writers, photographers, publishing houses and others, ensuring that contracts follow Smithsonian and federal policies and guidelines.

. . .

For this position, applicants must have 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level, GS-09, in the Federal Service or equivalent.

For this position, specialized experience is defined as: demonstrated knowledge of Native American history and culture, as well as issues and perspectives of contemporary Native American communities; the ability to monitor and manage scheduling, budgets and contracts of a publishing and editorial department for both print and electronic; proven experience in editorial work (writing, editing, and proofreading); and the ability to monitor museum content for conformity to museum content development and education standards.  

You can substitute a PhD for experience. The KSAs are a little too involved to post here, so do check that part of the listing. And check the questionnaire, too.

Museum Specialist (General) • Archives of American Art (Smithsonian) • August 12, 2021

Job titles don’t mean anything. How can you be a general specialist? But this job sounds cool:

Develops and executes a collecting plan and contributes to national collecting initiatives.

Responsible for selection, description and scholarly appraisal of collections through close examination of their contents. 

Negotiates the conditions of gifts through a fully executed deed of gift.

Tracks contacts, accessions new acquisitions, and prepares statistical and narrative reports on acquisitions.

There’s no education qualification (that is, the job doesn’t list one, but there is an option to tick that you have a qualifying education on the questionnaire, so you may want to talk to the HR person about the ambiguity), you’ll need to show

experience in the solicitation, acquisition, description, and scholarly appraisal of archival collections. Experience communicating with a variety of internal and external contacts to negotiate acquisitions and respond to inquiries regarding potential solicited and unsolicited gifts. Experience advising researchers, including curators, art historians, and graduate students, bringing relevant sources of information to their attention. 

And also speak to some pretty robust KSAs:

Ability to interpret and apply existing collecting guidelines, policies and procedures to achieve program objectives, including flexibility to develop/adapt new guidelines where existing ones do not apply.

Knowledge of art history and the American art world, including current scholarly activity, standard appraisal criteria, and archival principles and techniques.

Ability to cultivate, develop and maintain relationships and to negotiate with tact, diplomacy, and persistence.

Ability to use collections management systems and other databases to enter, track, and managing accurate information and provide detailed reports.

Here’s your questionnaire. As mentioned, it includes a “qualify based on education” tick box and also asks about educational history. Weird!

Foreign Language Teacher - Russian (Assistant Professor) • Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (Dept. of the Army) • January 13, 2022

Here’s another professorial position - obviously the main qualification is knowing Russian. The DLIFLC is in Monterey, CA.

I’m not going to say much else about this. It’s probably self-evident if it’s for you or not.

Okay, see you next Friday!