Jobs for humanists 8/13

Spooky jobs for Friday the 13th! (Not so spooky.)

Hi, all! Before I list the jobs, I’d like to direct those of you actively applying (and even those only curious about the process) to the most recent edition of Extra Cheese, which has four takeaways from an OPM session on resumé writing.

Student Trainee (Librarian - Research) • Government Accountability Office • August 17, 2021

As I’ve mentioned in other letters, I don’t really post trainee positions, but I did want to draw attention to this one. If you’re in the DC area and enrolled in a graduate program - either working toward a library degree or with experience with library work. GAO has several other trainee positions available for the coming fall semester, and I don’t know for sure but I bet it pays better than a lot of grad programs do, even if you count the tuition waiver as part of the salary.

The KSAs are:

Knowledge of standard methods, techniques, concepts and principles of librarianship related to acquiring and organizing collections of books and related materials in libraries and servicing readers and others with these resources to perform assignments that involve providing library services that are developmental in nature.

Skill in conducting research and ability to select and apply standard practices to meet specialized information requirements, and to assist colleagues in responding to requests for information that entail complex or comprehensive research.

Ability to prepare written documents that effectively communicate information, some of which are complex, that are complete, organized, and grammatically correct.

And here’s your questionnaire. There is a narrative question on collection development.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, GAO is also hiring a Senior Data Scientist (Advanced Analytics) (August 27) and a Senior Analyst (Data Analysis) (August 25), so if you’re one of those humanists with a programming language and machine learning expertise, maybe look over it (or if you want to help a friend in STEM get out of a toxic department, who knows).

Writer-Editor • Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (DOD) • August 24, 2021

Given the nature of the position, you’ll need a solid security clearance.

This position is part of the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The incumbent will serve as a writer and editor while working as part of an integrated process, matrixed -based team, potentially requiring long and unusual hours on a routine basis.


As a WRITER-EDITOR at the GS-1082-11/12/13 some of your typical work assignments may include:

  • Interacting with senior DoD and non-DoD leaders to develop written, standard correspondence on behalf of the Joint Staff.

  • Collaborating with support staffs, action officers, executive assistants, military secretariats and other offices to develop, write, edit, format, process, design, and prepare written correspondence. . . .

  • Establishing, publishing, instructing the staff and enforcing rules governing the preparation, review, and signature of all manner of items processed by the Joint Staff.

  • Assisting in the development of formal training materials, exercises, and curriculum on effective writing, responsive writing, plain writing, and communications for presentation to Joint Staff personnel. . . .

The formal requirements are pretty minimal:

You may qualify at the GS-11, if you fulfill the following qualifications:

A. One year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-09 grade level in the Federal service:

Providing management, control and coordination of routine documents and correspondence

Ensuring prepared documents or correspondence are grammatically correct and clearly communicate the desired information

Providing administrative support for the editing and preparation of memorandums, letter or messages


B. Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree or 3 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree or LL.M., if related; . . .

The KSAs are “Information Management, Planning and Evaluating, Writing” and the questionnaire is over here.

Government Information Specialist • Terrorist and Financial Intelligence-Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury) • August 24, 2021

This is open to current employees also, so keep that in mind. The position is also open from Grade 7-12. I think most readers of this list would qualify for Grade 7, but if the position sounds interesting and you think you might have relevant research experience, take a look at the other grades.

The following are the duties of this position at the GS-12. If you are selected at a lower grade level, you will have the opportunity to learn to perform all these duties, and will receive training to help you grow in this position.

  • Serve as a key person for the processing of, and responding to, unclassified FOIA requests for the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

  • Coordinate the preparations of timely responses in accordance with set due dates for the signature of the FOIA Chief (FC) or Assistant Director, Information Disclosure and Records Management Division (ADID), as appropriate.

  • Determine which records are responsive; determine applicability of FOIA/PA exemptions; apply redactions and FOIA exemption codes to responsive documents; prepare FOIA response letters and case files; determine which documents to release and withhold pursuant to the FOIA/PA, Treasury Implementing Instructions, applicable laws and regulations, and OFAC FOIA processing guidance.

What do you need for Grade 7?

Specialized experience for the GS-07: You must have one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-05 grade level in the Federal service which has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. Specialized experience for this position is defined as:

- Reviewing FOIA requests; AND
- Responding to public inquiries.

1 full year of graduate level education; OR
Superior Academic Achievement

The KSAs are “Technical, Analytical, Communication.” The questionnaire is over here. It’s mostly about FOIA stuff. I have, obviously, no idea if they’re really looking to hire at Grade 12, but in principle many people reading this list are qualified for the position.

Historian • National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian) • August 26, 2021

This job sounds awesome:

  • Conceives and develops special exhibitions on biographical and historical themes.

  • Writes new and revises old labels and other written materials to elucidate and place in context portraits on display in both permanent and special exhibitions.

  • Onsite and online, promotes the museum’s mission of engagement and dialogue about the American experience and individual biography and accomplishment.

  • Researches and evaluates the eligibility of new candidates to the permanent collection.

You’ll need a degree of some kind and

You qualify for this position if you have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-11 level in the Federal Service or comparable pay band system. For this position specialized experience is defined as writing labels or wall text for an exhibition at a cultural, historical, or educational institution, and working on a research project that results in the publication of an article or essay in a museum catalogue or in a scholarly periodical, or in a digital humanities platform.

The KSAs are all in blurbs, so you’ll have to look them up yourself, but they do specify expertise in American history and African-American history, and here's your questionnaire!

Civil Rights Analyst • Office of Civil Rights, Diversity and Inclusion (HHS) • September 1, 2021

You will need some directly applicable experience or training for this job.

Your major duties and responsibilities include:

  • Drafting issue papers and other supporting materials for use in advising senior leaders throughout HRSA on civil rights policies and the application of civil rights policies and the application of civil rights laws.

  • Preparing material regarding HRSA policies.

  • Analyzing the impact of outreach activity and special initiatives to be used in facilitating intra-and inter-agency work groups designed to ensure that persons are not subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, sex, and age in health and social service programs. . . .

. . .


In order to qualify for the GS-09 positionyour resume must clearly demonstrate that you have one full year of specialized experience comparable in difficulty and responsibility to at least the GS-07 level in the federal service.

Examples of qualifying specialized experience at the GS-07 level include performing the following types of tasks on a regular and recurring basis:

Researching, studying, and applying laws or policy in order to develop briefings, reports, and informational materials for a variety of audiences; and, gathering information related to protected populations (e.g., race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, and disability status) from a variety of sources and briefing supervisor or other internal audience on findings.

A degree which provided you that experience would also qualify! The KSAs are “Civil Rights, Research and Evaluation, and Technical Writing,” each of which has a blurb. And here's your questionnaire.

Foreign Language Teacher - Indonesian • US Army Training and Doctrine Command • September 9, 2021

Look, either you speak Indonesian or you don’t.

Supervisory Educational Program Specialist • Learning Office, Center for Learning, Literacy and Engagement Directorate (LOC) • September 10, 2021

I think this is a posting for which many people in academia would be great candidates, but I think that it would have to be a lateral move. Certainly the questionnaire suggests this. The KSAs/qualifications are

Ability to develop and manage the operation of informal learning programs and spaces.**

Ability to provide consultation and liaison duties.

Ability to communicate in writing to support educational programs and projects.

Ability to supervise and lead a diverse workforce.**

Ability to perform research and analysis.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.**

As is usual with LOC postings, they are using the asterisks to indicate importance. They would also like a degree with some connection to education OR someone with comparable experience. Like I said, I think there are many people in university positions who would be great candidates!

I linked the questionnaire above, remember to prep your narratives ahead of time.

Okay, see you Friday!