Jobs for humanists 9/10

First, two librarian positions with shorter-than-usual applications windows:

Librarian - Reference Specialist (Music) • Music Division (LOC) • September 21, 2021

Looks like they want some music library experience.

Librarian • Africa Section (LOC) •September 21, 2021

You’ll need some French and expertise in sub-Saharan Africa.

Social Media Specialist • Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden • September 21, 2021

As a Social Media Specialist for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the incumbent will perform the following but not limited to:

  • Designing engagement initiatives, outreach campaigns, and activities that support the Museum’s mission and educational goals including broadening access to collections, building relationships with audiences, and providing personally meaningful visitor experiences.

  • Overseeing content submission requests, changes, updates, and post removals; Copy edits for site style, the museum’s voice, accuracy, and grammar. The incumbent monitors, listens, and responds to audiences.

  • Editing and publishing content that builds meaningful connections and encourages engagement with the museum collections, exhibitions, programming, educational content, web content, and other museum themes and concerns.

  • Preparing regular reports analyzing conversation trends, compiling and synthesizing inquiries and complaints and submitting them to the supervisor.

You can qualify through experience or a related MA (or, of course, experience and an unrelated MA):

For this position Specialized experience is defined as managing multiple social media platforms and applications to show contents and goals for a museum, blog, educational or cultural institution; participating in the development of social media content, customer service, partnerships and strategies; and using digital platforms and real-time live video platforms like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live in a professional role.

There are some wordy KSAs to look through, and a questionnaire to think about.

Education Specialist • BLM Campbell Creek Science Center (Interior) • September 21, 2021

THIS POSITION IS IN ALASKA. So, keep scrolling if you you don’t want to move to Alaska to:

Coordinate the environmental education program for the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center.

Select, train, and lead environmental educators or other care-giving adults.

Develop natural and cultural educational program materials for children through adults.

Perform technical research related to the development and implementation of environmental education programs.

Work with peer groups and partners to coordinate activities, events, and solve complex problems related to the care and education of children to encourage environmentally conscious behavior.

Develop and implement environmental education child development programs, including onsite, offsite, and virtual programming, field trips, and before and after school programs.

The qualifications start with a basic requirement with a BA in education or education experience, and

(1) coordinating educational events; (2) implementing education plans that align with national and state education standards; (3) delivering environmental and education trainings for staff; and (4)preparing literature and/or instructional materials related to educational activities, including grade-school curriculum.

There are other combinations of education and experience for different grades. But is there a questionnaire?? Yes.

Historian • Manassas National Battlefield Park • September 23, 2021

This is a trainee position - it’s at GS5.

Receives formal and on-the-job instruction and training designed to familiarize incumbent with functions and operations of the organization, and to provide experience in the practical application of basic natural and/or cultural techniques and concepts.

As a trainee, performs duties that are designed to orient the employee to NPS programs, and is provided training in the basic concepts, regulations, policies, guidelines, and practices associated with natural and/or cultural resources.

I imagine many graduate students in history meet these qualifications:

Basic Requirements:

  • Degree: history; or related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history, OR

  • Combination of education and experience: courses equivalent to a major in history, or a major in a related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. (You must submit transcripts to support the education requirement).

Examples of experience include: planning and conducting historical research; researching, writing, conducting site documentation fieldwork; participating in Section 106 reviews; preparing historic preservation related recommendations, as well as interpretive and educational materials for public distribution (i.e. articles, booklets, social media posts, and Teaching with Historic Places lesson plans).

You should definitely look at the questionnaire for this one, as it asks more of you than a degree in history.

Instructor/Assistant Professor (French) • U.S. Military Academy • October 1, 2021

The main thing for this one is, uh, being able to teach French to college students.

Librarian • German Section (LOC) • October 4, 2021

You do need library training for this, as well as, you know, German. Here’s the questionnaire.

Program Specialist • Office of External Relations, Law Library (LOC) • October 4, 2021

This position has a long list of (interesting!) responsibilities - too long to excerpt here. Instead, I’m going to direct your attention to the qualifications:

Knowledge of event planning and execution.**

Ability to Problem Solve and Make Recommendations.**

Ability to communicate in writing.**

Ability to utilize computer technology.

Ability to Plan, Prioritize, and Organize Work.

Ability to interact collaboratively with others.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.

This could be a good time to include conference planning work on your résumé! Do also check out the responsibilities when writing the résumé and your response to the narrative questions.

Humanities Administrator • National Endowment for the Humanities • October 8, 2021

The Division of Education Programs is designed to strengthen sustained, thoughtful study of the humanities at all levels of education through grants to educational and education-supporting institutions. Under the supervision of the Deputy Director, the incumbent works with potential applicants in the development of proposals, helps to carry out the evaluation of applications, and participates in administrative, financial, program policy areas of the division as well as, divisional matters.

The KSAs are “Grant Management, Oral Communication, Teamwork, Technical Competence, Written Communication.” And qualifications start with:

experience working in secondary and/or higher education, teaching classes in the humanities, working in education programming, curriculum development, or in an advanced education position in a museum or historical society. In all cases, work in the humanities should have been performed with wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgment, requiring somewhat extended professional training and expertise.

You also need an MA, though a PhD is preferred. Here is the questionnaire.

See you Monday for Extra Cheese!